Thursday, October 28, 2010

Currently Reading: Secrets, Lies and Democracy

TITLE: Secrets, Lies and Democracy

AUTHOR: Noam Chomsky


PUBLISHER: Odonian Press

I decided to take a break from Chalmers Johnson for a while. I ended up taking the 2nd and 3rd parts of the Blowback Trilogy back to the library and perhaps make another go at them both some other time.

While, looking through the library though, for some reason I was feeling really uninspired by what I was browsing my way through the shelves.

I did, however, find this book, which seems pretty short so it will either be a really quick read...or I will spend forever reading it because I will keep putting it down to do other stuff. LoL!
In any case, I guess I'll see if this one is a waste of time or not. I've tried reading Chomsky's stuff before and I always felt like he was way above my head. So here I am trying to make another go at reading Chomsky. Good luck to me.

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