Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Who I'm Voting For

On November 2, I will pretty much be voting strictly Independent across the board, with some exceptions.

I will be leaving that space blank. I refuse to place my name toward either one of those hacks.

Lieutenant Governor
My vote goes to the Independent candidate, Libertarian Richard Prawdzienski.

State Auditor
There are no Independent candidates running so I will also be leaving this one blank. I don't like either of the other options.

Attorney General
I am actually going to vote for the Republican candidate Scott Pruitt in this one because from what I have read and know about Scott, I genuinely think he will do a good job. It seems to me however that this should be an appointed position.

State Treasurer
Another one I am leaving blank. Honestly I have not done my homework on this one so I don't want to swing the vote one way or another.

Superintendent of Public Instruction
I will probably end up voting for Janet Barresi becauuse she seems to want to get the federal government out of the education business and I am all for that.

U.S. Senate
I am voting for Republican Tom Coburn. I feel like he is a decent person that really wants to do some actual good and I'm willing to give him another term in the Senate.

U.S. Congress 5th District
I can not actually vote in this one because I don't live in the 5th district but I am listing this because I urge everyone to vote for Libertarian Clark Duffe. PLEASE do not let the a camp counselor (and employee of the Southern Baptist Convention) become Oklahoma's next freshman congressman.

U.S. Congress 4th District
This is the district I actually live in but I'm not even sure if this one will be on the ballot because the incumbent Tom Cole is running un-opposed.

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