Monday, November 01, 2010

New Poll: Best On-Screen Superman

Surprised that this new poll has nothing to do with politics? Yeah, you should be. What the heck am I doing posting a poll about Superman the day before the mid-term election? Perhaps to get our minds off it for a little while. If you people don't know how you are going to vote by now, God help you. LoL!

Anyway, this poll is to find out who you all think who has portrayed Superman the best on screen.

The choices are:

  • George Reeves - Superman on the 1950s TV program.
  • Dean Cain - Superman on the 1990s TV series Lois and Clark.
  • Tom Welling - Clark Kent (pre-Superman) on the TV series Smallville.
  • Christopher Reeves - Superman in the motion pictures Superman, Superman 2, Superman 3, and Superman 4: The Quest for Peace.
  • Brandon Routh - Superman in the 2006 movie Superman Returns.

  • Happy voting!!!

    1 comment:

    1. Tom Welling has done the best job portraying Clark Kent as a real character. I would go so far as to say that NO ONE has played this part as well as he has.