Monday, January 10, 2011

NFL Roundup 2010-2011 (Playoffs Week 1)

Playoff Scores - Wildcard Round

1. The Seahawks beat the defending champion Saints 41-36! :)
2. The Jets barely took out the Colts 17-16. :)
3. The Ravens demolished the Chiefs 30-7. :( No big surprise. I was rooting for the Chiefs but knew they couldn't take the Ravens.
4. The Packers defeated the Eagles 21-16.

Next week:
The Ravens take on the Steelers. I'm picking the Ravens on this one.
The Jets take on the Patriots. Might be a close one but my pick is the Patriots.
The Packers take on the Falcons. I don't think the Packers can handle the Falcons.
The Seahawks take on the Bears. I'm going with the Seahawks on this one. They have already beaten the Bears once this year and they have some momentum behind them.

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