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Sebadoh: DoTM

is an indie rock band that was started by Dinosaur Jr bassist Lou Barlow in 1986 in Massachusetts.

Here are a few websites where you can read about them:

Official Sebadoh website
Sebadoh MySpace page
Sebadoh Facebook page
Sebadoh Wiki article


Big Stick/Sebadoh Split
Released in March 1989 by Sonic Life.
Tracks: 6 (4 Sebadoh tracks)

The Freed Man
Released in September 1989 by Homestead Records; Reissued by Domino Records in 2005.
Produced by Sebadoh.
Band lineup:
Lou Barlow and Eric Gaffney
Tracks: 31 (52 on the re-issue)

Released in 1990 by Vertical Records.
Tracks: 7

Weed Forestin'
Released in 1990 by Homestead.
Produced by Sebadoh.
Band lineup:
All of these tracks were originally recorded solely by Lou Barlow in 1986 and 1987.
Tracks: 23

The Freed Weed
Compilation album released in 1990 by Homestead.
Produced by Sebadoh.
Tracks: 47

Gimme Indie Rock
Released in 1991 by Homestead.
Tracks: 5

Sebadoh III
Released in September 1991 by Homestead. Reissued in 2006 by Domino Records.
Produced by Sean Slade.
Band lineup:
Jason Lowenstein was added on drums.
Tracks: 23 (18 on the reissue)

Oven Is My Friend
Released in 1991 by Stillbreeze Records.
Tracks: 5

Sebadoh/Azalia Snail Split
Released in December 1991 by Dark Beloved Cloud.
Tracks: 5 (3 Sebadoh tracks)

Rocking the Forest
Released in 1992 by Domino Records.
Tracks: 8

Sebadoh vs Helmet
Released in 1992 by Domino.
Tracks: 9

Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock
Compilation album released in November 1992 by Sub Pop.
Tracks: 12

Bubble and Scrap
Released in April 1993 by Sub Pop. Reissued in 2008 by Domino.
Produced by Bob Weston, Brian Fellows, and Paul McNamara.
Band lineup:
Lou Barlow - guitar, vocals; Eric Gaffney - bass, guitar, drums, keyboards, vocals; Jason Loewenstein - guitar, bass, drums, vocals.
Tracks: 17 (15 extra tracks on the reissue)

Soul and Fire
Released in September 1993 by Sub Pop.
Produced by Brian Fellows and Paul McNamara.
Tracks: 4

4 Song CD
Released in 1994 by Domino.
Tracks: 10

Released in August 1994 by Sub Pop.
Produced by Tim O'Heir.
Lineup changes:
Eric Gaffney left the band and drum duties were taken over by the addition of Bob Fay.
Tracks: 15

Released in July 1996 by Sub Pop
Produced by Eric Masunaga
Tracks: 5

Released in August 1996 by Sub Pop.
Produced by Wally Gaget, Bryce Goggin, Eric Masunaga and Tim O'Heir.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 19
#126 on the Billboard 200.
"Beauty of the Ride" and "Ocean"

The Sebadoh
Released in 1999 by Sub Pop.
Produced by Eric Masunaga.
Lineup changes:
Bob Fay was replaced by Russ Pollard.
Tracks: 15
#197 on the Billboard 200.
"Flame" and "It's All You"

Wade Through the Boggs
Compilation album released in February 2007.
Tracks: 21

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