Sunday, March 06, 2011

Sunday Night Shuffle (3-3-11)

  1. You Think You're Nickel Slick But I Got Your Penny Change - Emergy (from the album I'm Only a Man)
  2. Side-Stage Syndrome - Stavesacre (from the EP Against the Silence)
  3. Where We're Going We Don't Need Roads - Red City Radio (from To the Sons and Daughters of Woody Guthrie)
  4. Kenaniah - Petra (from This Means War!)
  5. There's a Face - Eve 6 (from Eve 6)
  6. Your Love is Extravagant - Casting Crowns (from Casting Crowns)
  7. Only Thing I Can Face - All (from Sucks Demos)
  8. I Fall Down - U2 (from October Deluxe Edition)
  9. Reach for the Sky - Social Distortion (from Sex, Love and Rock n Roll)
  10. Nothing to Say - Soundgarden (from Screaming Life)
  11. Unburdened - Red City Radio (from Midwestern Hymnals)
  12. Brand New Hairstyle - Smoking Popes (from Smoking Popes at Metro)
  13. Time to Go - Dropkick Murphys (from Live on Lansdowne)
  14. Vasoline - Stone Temple Pilots (from Purple)
  15. Understand the Dream is Over - The Juliana Theory (from Emotion is Dead)

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