Monday, April 18, 2011

Monday Night Shuffle (4-18-11)

  1. Elevation - U2 (from All That You Can't Leave Behind)
  2. If We Are the Body - Casting Crowns (from Casting Crowns)
  3. Symbiotic - Living Sacrifice (from Conceived in Fire)
  4. MakeDamnSure - Taking Back Sunday (from Louder Now)
  5. Soul Mate - No Use For A Name (from Leche Con Carne)
  6. Heavy - Collective Soul (from Dosage)
  7. Rock N Roll Band - Boston (from Boston)
  8. Jealous of the World - Descendents (from Hallraker)
  9. In Harms Way - Face to Face (from Ignorance is Bliss)
  10. The Great Golden Gate Disaster - Project 86 (from Songs To Burn Your Bridges By)
  11. Until The Whole World Hears - Casting Crowns (from Until The Whole World Hears)

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