Thursday, April 14, 2011

Movie Review: Shoot The Moon

Last night, I watched this movie, actually it's a rockumentary not really a movie, about the career of the pop-punk band Face to Face.

Shoot the Moon was the title of a compilation album the band released shortly after they broke up and this video was a sort of companion DVD to it.

It chronicles the life of the band from the time of their inception to their eventual break up in 2004.

I found it while I was browsing through the music/concert videos on Netflix and when I saw this I instantly had to watch it (good thing it was available for instant streaming so I did not have to wait for the dvd to be mailed to me!).

This video is one of the best rockumentaries that I have ever seen. Course, I have a bit of a bias toward it considering Face to Face is one of my favorite bands. But really, this thing is great. It had interviews from all members of the band, past and present. It chronicled their rise from a garage band to one of the biggest pop punk bands to come out of California and how they all dealt with their rise to success.

If you are interested in this band at all, or at least interested in music biographies of any sort, check this video out immediately!

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