Sunday, April 10, 2011

NHL Roundup (4-10-11)

The regular season is over. The playoffs will now begin.

Here are the teams that will be in the playoffs:

Eastern Conference
Washington Capitals
Philadelphia Flyers
Boston Bruins
Pittsburgh Penguins
Tampa Bay Lightning
Montreal Canadiens
Buffalo Sabres
New York Rangers

Western Conference
Vancouver Canucks
San Jose Sharks
Detroit Red Wings
Anaheim Ducks
Nashville Predators
Phoenix Coyotes
Los Angeles Kings
Chicago Blackhawks

Here is the schedule thus far:

  1. Capitals vs Rangers - Wed I'm going to have to pick the Capitals on this one.
  2. Penguins vs Lightning - Wed My pick - Penguins
  3. Canucks vs Blackhawks - Wed Dang! This is a hard one to pick. My two favorite teams playing each other?!? Well, I'm gonna have to go with Vancouver on this one. Better record.
  4. Red Wings vs Coyotes - Wed Not a hard one. Red Wings.
  5. Ducks vs Predators - Wed Hmm..two teams I could care less about. I'll go with the Predators. Cooler name. LoL!
  6. Flyers vs Sabres - Thurs Although I like the Sabres better I'm going to pick the Flyers. All around better team I think.
  7. Bruins vs Canadiens - Thurs No sweat. Boston.
  8. Sharks vs Kings - Thurs Picking the Kings.

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