Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Rise of Independents in America

Here is a post I read today that demonstrated this fact.

Arizona Independent Calls for Non-Partisan Elections

In this post, it talks about a former mayor of Phoenix Arizona that was once a Democrat but is now registered as an Independent. Paul Johnson, the former mayor, states that...

"partisan politics is wrecking our country......The current two-party system...has created a currency of distortion, exaggeration, misrepresentation, centralization of power and the unfortunate motivation to put political stripes above the greater good..........."

And in another blog which quotes the Herald Tribune...

FL: Independents Surge in Sarasota

From the post it states that
"7 out of 10 voters in Sarasota County are...signing up as independents or with minor political parties......Statewide...the 2 major parties have lost more than 120,000 voters...[and]..independents and minor party registrations have grown by almost 120,000 since November 2008."

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