Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sunday Night Shuffle (4-10-11)

  1. Autumn - Haste the Day (from the album Dreamer)
  2. True - Duvall (from the album Volume & Density)
  3. Everything Sucks - MxPx (from the album Before Everything And After)
  4. The Science of Lies - Demon Hunter (from The Triptych)
  5. To Hell With the Devil - Stryper (from To Hell With the Devil)
  6. Separation - Living Sacrifice (from Conceived in Fire)
  7. Bull Takes Fighter - Stavesacre (from Bull Takes Fighter e.p.)
  8. Glorious - Newsboys (from In The Hands of God)
  9. Show Me Your Glory - Third Day (from Come Together)
  10. God With Us - MercyMe (from All That Is Within Me)
  11. Cut and Move - Day of Fire (from Cut and Move)

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