Sunday, April 17, 2011

Top 5 Bands

I haven't done one of these lists in a while and since the list has updated somewhat, I figured it would be a good time to put it up here on The Otter Limits.

These are my 5 Favorite Bands, not really listed in any particular order....well, somewhat in order of preference but not 100% on that.

Formed in 1976 in Dublin, Ireland.
Bono - vocals; The Edge - guitar, vocals; Adam Clayton - bass; Larry Mullen Jr - drums.
Studio Albums:
Boy - released in 1980 by Island Records.
October - released in 1981 by Island.
War - released in 1983 by Island.
The Unforgettable Fire - released in 1984 by Island.
The Joshua Tree - released in 1987 by Island.
Rattle and Hum - released in 1988 by Island.
Achtung Baby - released in 1991 by Island.
Zooropa - released in 1993 by Island.
Pop - released in 1997 by Island.
All That You Can't Leave Behind - released in 2000 by Island/Interscope.
How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb - released in 2004 by Island/Interscope.
No Line on the Horizon - released in 2009 by Interscope.

Dropkick Murphys
Formed in 1996 in Quincy, Massachusetts.
Current Members:
Al Barr - vocals; Ken Casey - bass, vocals; Matt Kelly - drums; James Lynch - guitar; Scruffy Wallace - bagpipes; Tim Brennan - guitar; Jeff DaRosa - acoustic guitar, piano.
Former Members:
Marc Orrell - guitar; Spicey McHaggis - bagpipes; Ryan Foltz - mandolin; Rick Barton - guitar; Mike McColgan - vocals; Jeff Erna - drums.
Studio Albums:
Do or Die - released in 1997 by Hellcat Records.
The Gang's All Here - released in 1999 by Hellcat.
Sing Loud Sing Proud - released in 2001 by Hellcat.
Blackout - released in 2003 by Hellcat.
The Warriors Code - released in 2005 by Hellcat.
The Meanest of Times - released in 2007 by Born & Bred Records.
Going Out in Style - released in 2011 by Born & Bred.

Formed in 1978 in Hermosa Beach, California.
Current Members:
Milo Aukerman - vocals; Bill Stevenson - drums; Karl Alvarez - bass; Stephen Egerton - guitar.
Former Members:
Tony Lombardo - bass; Frank Navetta - guitar; Ray Cooper - guitar; Doug Carrios - bass.
Studio Albums:
Milo Goes to College - released in 1982 by New Alliance Records.
I Don't Want to Grow Up - released in 1985 by New Alliance.
Enjoy! - released in 1986 by New Alliance/Restless.
All - released in 1987 by SST.
Everything Sucks - released in 1996 by Epitaph Records.
Cool To Be You - released in 2004 by Fat Wreck Chords.

Face to Face
Formed in 1991 in Victorville, California.
Current Members:
Trevor Keith - guitar, vocals; Chad Yaro - guitar, vocals; Scott Shiflett - bass, vocals; Danny Thompson - drums.
Former Members:
Pete Parada - drums; Rob Kurth - drums; Matt Riddle - bass.
Studio Albums:
Don't Turn Away - released in 1992 by Dr Strange Records.
Big Choice - released in 1994 by Victory Music.
Face to Face - released in 1996 by A&M Records.
Ignorance is Bliss - released in 1999 by Beyond Records.
Reactionary - released in 2000 by Vagrant Records.
Standards and Practices - released in 2001 by Vagrant.
How to Ruin Everything - released in 2002 by Vagrant.
Laugh Now, Laugh Later - scheduled to be released in 2011 by Antagonist Records.

Alkaline Trio
Formed in 1996 in McHenry, Illinois.
Current Members:
Matt Skiba - vocals, guitar; Dan Andriano - vocals, bass; Derek Grant - drums.
Former Members:
Rob Doran - bass; Glenn Porter - drums; Mike Felumlee - drums.
Studio Albums:
Goddamnit - released in 1998 by Asian Man Records.
Maybe I'll Catch Fire - released in 2000 by Asian Man.
From Here to Infirmary - released in 2001 by Vagrant Records.
Good Mourning - released in 2003 by Vagrant.
Crimson - released in 2005 by Vagrant.
Agony and Irony - released in 2008 by Epic Records.
This Addiction - released in 2010 by Epitaph Records.

Honorable Mention

Formed in 1992 in Los Angeles, California.
Current Members:
Rivers Cuomo - vocals, guitar, keyboards; Brian Bell - guitar, vocals; Scott Shriner - bass, vocals; Pat Wilson - drums.
Former Members:
Jason Cropper - guitar, vocals; Matt Sharp - bass, vocals; Mikey Welsh - bass, vocals.
Studio Albums:
Weezer - released in 1994 by DGC.
Pinkerton - released in 1996 by DGC.
Weezer - released in 2001 by Geffen.
Maladroit - released in 2002 by Geffen.
Make Believe - released in 2005 by Geffen.
Weezer - released in 2008 by DGC.
Raditude - released in 2009 by DGC.
Hurley - released in 2010 by Epitaph Records.

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