Sunday, May 29, 2011

Currently Reading: Batman: Hush

TITLE: Batman Hush
AUTHOR: Jeph Loeb (writer), Jim Lee (pencils)

I have read this before, probably by having borrowed it from a library somewhere, and I remember that I really like it.

Anyway, I couple of weeks ago, I found a used copy of it at a Half Priced Books store for really really cheap so I picked it up.

Tonight I decided to read it again.

How could you go wrong when you team up one of the best writers in the comic biz along with one of the best illustrators in the comics biz? The answer is that you can't.

The story is great. The artwork is great. Everything about it is great.

This story makes me remember one of the reasons that I really like Batman as a costumed super hero. He holds himself to a certain standard and rarely comes close to crossing the line against that standard.

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