Thursday, June 02, 2011

Libertarian Presidential Candidates for 2012

Here is a list of the folks running for President in 2012 for the Libertarian Party:

Jim Burns
Libertarian since 1973. Past chairman of the Nevada Libertarian Party.

Jim Duensing
Also a former chairman of the Nevada Libertarian Party. Couldn't really find much information about him.

Michael Jingozian
Joined the Libertarian Party in 1981. Former Vice-Chairman of the National Libertarian Party. Economics degree from NYU School of Business. MBA from Bentley College. CAS (Certificate of Advance Study) in Applied Science from Harvard University.

Roger Gary
Member of the Libertarian Party since 1977. Former Chairman of the Texas Libertarian Party.

Wayne Allen Root
2008 Vice-Presidential nominee for the Libertarian Party. Political talk show host. Former Republican, he joined the Libertarian Party in 2007. Author of The Conscience of a Libertarian. It has been written that he is the front runner for the Presidential nomination.

Lee Wrights
Bachelors degree in History and Journalism from Willmar College. Founder and editor of the online libertarian newsletter LibertyForAll.Net. Has been active in the Libertarian Party since 2000. Former Vice Chairman of the North Carolina Libertarian Party.

RJ Harris
Army National Guard officer. Bachelors degree in Philosophy from the University of Oklahoma. Ran against Tom Cole for the Republican nomination in Oklahoma's 4th District in 2010.


  1. Wayne Root voted to disband all affiliates of the Nevada LP and give the state chair sole discretionary power to expend party funds as he see fit. Root is not the front runner and is extremely unpopular with Libertarians and Constitutionalists in this state.

  2. Good to know Thomas. Thanks for that info.

    Personally, he isn't really my first pick out of this bunch either.

  3. There probably isn't really a "front runner" yet, but if there was, it probably wouldn't be Root.

    In 2008 he came in third in the presidential nomination balloting, then barely squeaked into the vice-presidential slot even with the endorsement of presidential nominee Bob Barr.

    In 2010, he ran for chair of the Libertarian National Committee and lost.

    He has significant support within the LP (he was the top vote-getter for a seat on the national committee in an "approval voting" scenario after losing the race for chair), but not majority support, and he has high "negatives" -- and it's likely to stay that way.

    Your description of R. Lee Wrights mentions that he is a past state Libertarian vice chair. He's also past vice chair of the party's national committee.

  4. Anonymous1:29 AM

    Do we have a candidate that can achieve a vote total between Bob Barr and Ed Clark in 2012?

  5. Anonymous9:34 AM

    These choices scream marginalization.

    There are libertarians of national prominence who might not put themselves forward but whom we might recruit. I hope there are discussions with the Ron Paul and Gary Johnson campaigns to make sure that neither of them pledges not to run as a Libertarian when pro-war Republicans (again) fail to take them seriously. Or how about Drew Carey for president? Or John Stossel? We don't necessarily have to sacrifice name recognition in order to have an articulate defender of liberty as our nominee.

  6. Jill Pyeatt10:40 AM

    Root hasn't even declared officially that he's running, although it seems obvious that he's been planning to be the 2012 presidential candidate for us since he lost in 2008. Problem is, we've all gotten to know him better since then and realized he doesn't even understand some basic Libertarians principles.

  7. How many states have the Libertarian Presidential Candidate on the ballot?

  8. Anonymous1:17 AM

    I don't think Jingozian is running. He'd be the best candidate if he decided to run. I don't really think much of the other candidates. Jingozian is a good pick since he has already been Vice-Chair of the LNC. Too bad. Maybe he'll throw his hat in the ring...

  9. In 2008, all but 4 states had the Libertarian Party's candidate on the ballot.

    Those 4 states were.........big surprise....

    West Virginia

  10. Mr. Wrights does not have a bachelor's degree, but an associate degree.

    Are you interested in received news from the Wrights 2012 campaign?

    Brian Irving
    Wrights 2012 press secretary

  11. Thanks for the info Brian.

  12. I have suspended my official campaign activities in an effort to support the Ron Paul campaign through the February 18th Nevada primary and hopefully into the WhiteHouse.

    For more information about me and my opinions, see featuring Opinions So Good They Ought To Be Yours.

    As for my background in the party, I was the chair of the Libertarian State Leadership Alliance from 2007-2008. That year's State Chair's luncheon speaker was filmmaker Dylan Avery. At the 2008 National Convention, I moderated a presidential debate held by Libertarians for Justice. Eventual nominee, and former agent of the c.i.a., Bob Barr did not attend; although a majority of the candidates did.