Friday, July 15, 2011

Smoking Popes: Dream Set List

As I have mentioned several times in the past few days, the Chicago band, Smoking Popes are gracing Oklahoma City with their presence at the Conservatory on Tuesday, June 26.

This is my "dream" set list of their show. I know a couple of these won't get played because in my interview with Josh earlier this week, he stated that the Pope's don't do Duvall songs. But one can dream, can't he?

Brand New Hairstyle (from 1991s Inoculator)
Let's Hear It For Love (from 1993s Get Fired)
Let Them Die (from 1993s Get Fired)
Not That Kind of Girlfriend (from 1993s Get Fired)
Rubella (from 1994s Born to Quit)
Need You Around (from 1994s Born to Quit)
Star Struck One/No More Smiles (from 1997s Destination Failure)
Before I'm Gone (from 1997s Destination Failure)
Pretty Pathetic (from 1997s Destination Failure)
Seven Lonely Days (from 2001s The Party's Over)
The Moon Looks Like a Tomato (from 2001s Standing At the Door)
Racine (from 2003s Volume and Density)
Welcome to Janesville (from 2008s Stay Down)
If You Don't Care (from 2008s Stay Down)
Wish You Were (from 2011s Wish We Were)
Punk Band (from 2011s Wish We Were)

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