Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Tiger Army: DoTM

Tiger Army is a psychobilly (see Genre of the Moment: Psychobilly) band that formed in 1995 in Berkeley, California. They were signed to Hellcat Records by co-owner (and Rancid vocalist) Tim Armstrong.

Tiger Army
Released in October 1999 by Hellcat Records.
Produced by Nick 13.
Band lineup:
Nick 13 - vocals, guitar; Adam Carson - drums; Rob Peltier - bass.
Tracks: 13

Tiger Army 2: Power of Moonlite
Released in July 2001 by Hellcat.
Produced by Nick 13.
Lineup changes:
Rob Peltier was replaced on bass by Geoff Kresge. Adam Carson was replaced on drums by London May.
Tracks: 13

Early Years
Released in October 2002 by Hellcat.
Produced by Roger Tschann and Andy Ernst.
Lineup changes:
London May was replaced on drums by Fred Hell.
Tracks: 6

Ghost Tigers Rise
Released in June 2004 by Hellcat/Epitaph Records.
Lineup changes:
Geoff Kresge was replaced on bass by Jeff Roffredo.
Tracks: 13

Music from Regions Beyond
Released in June 2007 by Hellcat.
Produced by Jerry Finn.
Lineup changes:
Fred Hell was replaced on drums by James Meza.

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  1. They did an amazing cover of "20 Flight Rock" on the Early Years EP. I think it is also on the self titled CD but I never got that one so I don't know for sure.