Thursday, August 11, 2011

Currently Reading: Green Arrow Archers Quest

TITLE: Green Arrow: Archer's Quest
AUTHOR: Brad Meltzer (writer); Phil Hester (artist)

Last night I finished the Quiver story that I wrote about on Wednesday (Currently Reading: Green Arrow Quiver). It was a great story. Kevin Smith does some pretty good work on comics books (not really surprising) and his work on Green Arrow was definitely worth the read.

Archers Quest takes place after the events in Quiver. Quiver, of course, was a trade paperback (or graphic novel) that compiles Green Arrow issues #1-10. Archer's Quest compiles issues #16-21.

The above cover art is (as far as I have been able to tell) the cover art for the trade paperback (TPB). I do not actually own the TPB. I own the single issues themselves.

I have just started the story and have only completed issue #16 (part 1 of 6) and I am already hooked into the story. I can't wait to read the rest of the story. After that, I'm going to have to track down the TPB compiles issues #11-15 (which is apparently titled Sounds of Violence).


  1. Archers Quest is one of the all-time great comic book stories. Brad Meltzer id probably my favorite comic book author next to Geoff Johns. Like Johns, I'll read anything he writes.

    Sounds of Violence was good as well but not as good as Quiver or Archers Quest.

  2. That "id" should be "is." Stupid typos.