Monday, September 05, 2011

Frank Turner: DoTM

Frank Turner is a singer/songwriter that was born in December 1981 in Bahrain, although he is British.

He was the vocalist for the London-based hardcore punk rock band Million Dead before they disbanded in 2005.

Strangely enough, his solo stuff is nothing near his previous endeavor. His newer stuff is closer to a mix between folk and indie and from what I little I have heard of his solo stuff is reminiscent (in my opinion) of a British Violent Femmes.

Campfire Punkrock
Released in May 2006 by Xtra Mile Recordings/Good Faith Records.
Produced by Tarrant Anderson and Frank Turner.
Tracks: 5

Sleep is for the Week
Released in January 2007 by Xtra Mile.
Produced by Frank Turner.
"Vital Signs"

The Real Damage
Released in May 2008 by Xtra Mile.
Produced by Frank Turner.
Tracks: 5

Love Ire and Song
Released in March 2008 by Xtra Mile/Epitaph Records.
Produced by Ben Lloyd and Frank Turner.
Tracks: 12
"Photosynthesis" "Reasons Not to be an Idiot" and "Long Live the Queen"

The First Three Years
Compilation album released in December 2008 by Xtra Mile.
Produced by Martin Price and George Elliott.
Tracks: 24

Poetry of the Dead
Released in Septebmer 2009 by Xtra Mile/Epitaph.
Produced by Alex Newport.
Tracks: 13
"The Road" "Poetry of the Dead" "Isabel" and "Try This at Home"

The Road
Released in September 2009 by Xtra Mile/Epitaph.
Produced by Frank Turner.
Tracks: 4

Frank Turner / Tim Barry Split
Release din October 2009 by Suburban Home Records.
Tracks: 2

Split with Jon Snodgrass released in September 2010 by Xtra Mile.
Tracks: 10

Rock and Roll
Released in December 2010 by Xtra Mile.
Produced by Frank Turner and Tristan Ivemy.
Tracks: 5

England Keep My Bones
Released in June 2011 by Xtra Mile/Epitaph.
Produced by Tristan Ivemy.
Tracks: 12
"I Still Believe" "Peggy Sang the Blues" and "If Ever I Stray"
#12 on the UK Albums Chart.


This is the discography of Turner's hardcore punk band Million Dead.

A Song to Ruin
Released in September 2003 by Xtra Mile Recordings/Integrity Records. A deluxe version of the album was released in 2009.
Produced by Joe Gibb and Million Dead.
Band lineup:
Frank Turner - vocals; Ben Dawson - drums; Cameron Deam - guitar; Julia Ruzicka - bass.
Tracks: 10 (15 on the deluxe edition).
"Smiling at Strangers on Trains" "Breaking the Back" and "I am the Party"

Harmony No Harmony
Released in May 2005 by Xtra Mile Recordings.
Produced by Mark Williams.
Lineup changes:
Cameron Dean was replaced on guitar by Tom Fowler.
Tracks: 14
"Living the Dream" "After the Rush Hour" and "To Whom It May Concern"

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  1. England Keep My Bones is probably the best record to come out this year, IMHO.