Saturday, September 24, 2011

Otters Picks: The Best of REM

This is another one of those posts where I list the songs that I would include on a Greatest Hits Album if I were putting it together. This one just so happens to be for the band REM.

You might notice the exclusion of any songs that were released after the New Adventures in Hi-Fi album. The reason is that I really did not listen to much of their post Hi-Fi stuff.

  1. Radio Free Europe (from the album Murmur)

  2. Dont Go Back to Rockville (Reckoning)

  3. Finest Worksong (Document)

  4. Welcome to the Occupation (Document)

  5. Its the End of the World As We Know It (Document)

  6. The One I Love (Document)

  7. Orange Crush (Green)

  8. Radio Song (Out of Time)

  9. Losing My Religion (Out of Time)

  10. Texarkana (Out of Time)

  11. Drive (Automatic for the People)

  12. The Sidewinder Sleeps Tonite (Automatic for the People)

  13. Everybody Hurts (Automatic for the People)

  14. Man on the Moon (Automatic for the People)

  15. Whats the Frequency Kenneth? (Monster)

  16. Crush with Eyeliner (Monster)

  17. Bang and Blame (Monster)

  18. Electrolite (New Adventures in Hi-Fi)

The songs that are bold-faced represent the songs that I consider my own personal favorite R.E.M. songs.

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