Friday, October 21, 2011

Best Batman Graphic Novels

Back in 2005, IGN did a list of the 25 Greatest Batman Graphic Novels.

I have listed the top 10 here (in parentheses next to the title is the writer and the artist):

10. Hush (Jeph Loeb / Jim Lee)
9. Batman and Dracula: Red Rain (Doug Moench / Kelley Jones)
8. Dark Victory (Jeph Loeb / Tim Sale)
7. Son of the Demon (Mike Barr / Jerry Bingham)
6. The Cult (Jim Starlin / Bernie Wrightson)
5. The Long Halloween (Jeph Loeb / Tim Sale)
4. Arkham Asylum (Grant Morrison / Dave McKean)
3. The Killing Joke (Alan Moore / Brian Bollard)
2. The Dark Knight Returns (Frank Miller)
1. Batman: Year One (Frank Miller / Dave Mazzucchelli)

I have to admit that I have only read 7 of these 10 and I agree for the most part with the 1st 5. I think Hush should be a little higher in the list and I am a little surprised that Contagion did not make the top 25 at all.

I think if I were making the list and including titles that came out after 2005, this would be my list (but not in any particular order because I really don't think I could pick a favorite, other than Batman Year One. That would always be on the top of my list):

Batman: Year One
The Long Halloween
The Dark Knight Returns
The Killing Joke
Arkham Asylum
The Widening Gyre
All Star Batman and Robin
Batman: Black and White

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