Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Currently Watching: Enterprise

I have to admit that I never really have been a big fan of Star Trek. Didn't really like the original series. Was not all that impressed with The Next Generation. Liked a couple of the movies, Wrath of Khan and First Contact were the only ones that I really liked. But overall, I'm just not a Star Trek fan.

That being said, I thought that Star Trek, the 2009 JJ Abrams film was amazing. Watching the earlier days of Captain Kirk and Spock were really cool and Eric Bana as the renegade Romulan was fantastic. Loved that movie. I did not see it in the theater but I did watch it once it came out on DVD.

I watched it again yesterday on Netflix while browsing through the sci-fi section. After watching that I was browsing through the TV series that were available on Netflix to stream and came across Enterprise. I had heard about it when it came out. Never bothered to watch it because, of course, I was not a Star Trek fan and I saw it as just another Star Trek show.

I started watching it however and have to admit that I was a bit intrigued by the story and have now watched 4 episodes (technically 3 because episodes 1 and 2 "Broken Bow" are combined into one on Netflix). I'm liking what I have seen so far.

Scott Bakula plays the Captain of the very first starship Enterprise. The show takes place in the year 2151 which is somewhere between the events of First Contact and the original Star Trek series. It lasted for 4 seasons, originally airing between September 2001 and May 2005. It was cancelled due to poor ratings.

As I said, I like what I've seen so far and this could perhaps lead me to watch other Star Trek series in the future.....maybe..


  1. you know, when i was watching this and reading my book...it wasn't that bad. it helped me with my big bang theory references. well, then i heard klingon. are there books on klingon? i think i want to learn it...

  2. lol! i think there are actually books on how to speak Klingon.