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DCs New 52: September

Anybody that knows anything about comics has probably heard the DC has done what they call a "soft reboot" of their universe. It started last month and they are calling it the New 52.

I thought I'd post my thoughts on the titles that I have read here.

AUGUST 31, 2011

Justice League #1
This was the only title released on this date. It was the "kick-off" of sorts for the new 52. This was a weird one. In this one Batman doesn't know who Green Lantern is. Green Lantern has heard of Batman but didn't realize he was real. And neither of them have ever met Superman...until the last page. Great read. It was written by one of the most awesome comic book writers out there these days, Geoff Johns. Add probably THE best comic book artist in recent history, Jim Lee to pencil it. You can't go wrong!


Action Comics #1
This one is a prequel of sorts. In this story, Superman has only been active as a superhero for about 6 months. The police don't like him. The public doesn't trust him. He can't fly yet. And he doesn't have his normal uniform. He wears a blue shirt with the Superman logo and a pair of jeans. Written by Grant Morrison and Penciled by Rags Morales.

Detective Comics #1
Drawn and written by Tony Daniel, this one is quite a different Batman story. In this one Batman is chasing an enemy that I have never heard of and at the end of the story it shows Joker in quite a different light.

Green Arrow #1
Not really sure what to say about this one. It was a decent story written by JT Krul. The artwork was pretty good. It was done by Dan Jurgens and George Perez. Nothing really fascinating or out of the ordinary about it but still a decent read.

SEPTEMBER 14, 2011

Batman and Robin #1
This is one of the books that seems like it is taking place in the "normal" universe. Batman has taken back his cowl from Dick Grayson, Damion Wayne is Robin (although Batman doesn't trust him one bit), and Batman Incorporated (Batman's around the world) is still in effect. Written by Peter Tomas, artwork by Patrick Gleason.

Superboy #1
This one was written by Scott Lobdell (the writer for one of my favorite story lines, Age of Apocalypse) and the artwork was done by Rob Silva. This is a good one. At this point, Superboy is still an experiment locked away in a lab.

SEPTEMBER 21, 2011

Batman #1
Typical Batman story. By no means a bad thing. It is a great story. It is written by Scott Snyder. Drawn by Greg Capullo. Definitely worth picking this one up.

Nightwing #1
I was kind of excited about picking this one up but I have to be honest. It was kind of disappointing. I like the new Nightwing suit. The liked the artwork done by Eddy Barrows. But the story just wasn't all that impressive. It was written by Kyle Higgins.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #1
This comic is actually what I consider to be one of the break-through comics of the whole new 52. It was amazing. Written by Scott Lobdell and artwork by Kenneth Rocafort. This story teams up Red Hood (Jason Todd, the 2nd Robin), Arsenal (formerly known as Speedy, Green Arrow's former sidekick) and Starfire (some alien chick). This is really a great story and I can't wait for the next one and suggest it for all.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2011

All Star Western #1
I'm not really a big Jonah Hex fan personally but when I heard that this story takes place in Gotham City circa 1880s (post Civil War) I really had to check it out. I'm glad I did. It is a great story about Hex and Amedeus Arkham hunting down a serial killer. Artwork is teetering on a little lame (done by Moritat, whoever that is) but oddly it kind of works for the genre. It was written by Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti. Looking forward to issue #2.

Batman: The Dark Knight #1
In this one, which is written and drawn by David Finch, our hero has to fight his way through Arkham Asylum only to find a familiar, yet very different, villain.

The Flash #1
This is the one that I really thought was going to explain why the new 52 happen, in a universal sense that is because it seemed to me that this event had something to do with the conclusion of the Flashpoint storyline. In that respect, this book was disappointing. It said nothing about these recent events in Barry Allen's life. Bummer. However, it was a good read anyway. Written by relative unknowns Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato. Artwork done by Francis Manapul. In this one, Barry Allen is the Flash and it seems to me like Wally West never existed. I'm not really sure what is going on with this book. Kind of confusing. Definitely keeps me wanting more though.

Superman #1
Unlike Action Comics, which is basically a prequel story, Superman shows the hero as he is familiar to me. He has been in action for quite some time and is very familiar to everyone, a public that adores him. One strange thing about this story however is that in this universe Lois and Clark are not dating and never have. This one was written by comic great George Perez (Crisis on Infinite Earth) and the artwork is done by Jesus Merino (although the cover itself was done by Mr. Perez).

Teen Titans #1
This is another one that I was looking forward to. This is the only title (up to this point) where Tim Drake (pre-Damion Wayne Robin / Red Robin) appears. The main characters in this book are Red Robin, Kid Flash (I'm not sure who it is though. Could this be Wally? Or is it Bart Allen. Who knows?), Superboy (who actually doesn't show up in the book until the last page), and Wonder Girl. Another title written by Scott Lobdell and the artwork is done by Bretty Booth and Norm Rapmund. I'm looking forward to issue #2 on this one too.

OCTOBER 5, 2011

Action Comics #2
Issue 2 tells the story of Superman being captured and shows him being tortured (to no avail) by none other than Lex Luthor!

Detective Comics #2
Batman continues his search for a serial killer known as the Gotham Ripper.

Green Arrow #2
Oliver Queen goes on a search for a gang that is killing people and televising it via the internet. He finds them and it turns out this gang is comprised of some evil teen metahumans that whose goal was to capture Green Arrow and televise his execution. At the end of this story, our hero finds himself in a very sticky situation.

That is it for now but stay tuned. I will probably be doing these "reviews" on a weekly or maybe monthly basis. I have not decided which yet.

The titles that came out on October 12, 2011 (the ones that I bought anyway) were Batman and Robin #2, and Superboy #2. I have not read this yet so I will do my post on them at a later date.
The titles slated for release on October 19, 2011 (again, the ones that I will buy) are Batman #2, Justice League #2, and Red Hood and the Outlaws #2.
The titles I read that are scheduled for released on October 26, 2011 are All Star Western #2, Batman: The Dark Knight #2, The Flash #2, Superman #2, and Teen Titans #2.

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  1. I thought “Arsenal (formerly known as Speedy, Green Arrow's former sidekick)” was going by Red Arrow now. He’s a really cool character and was great in the Green Arrow Archer’s Quest storyline and the Justice League storylines The Tornado’s Path and The Lightning Saga.

    Also no Wally West? WTH?!? If that is the case, if Wally never became the Flash (or never existed) then that means that this “soft reboot” completely wiped out the events of Crisis on Infinite Earths. I’m liking this thing less and less…