Friday, October 14, 2011

The Methadones - Discography of the Moment

The Methadones were a punk rock band formed in Chicago, Illinois by former Screeching Weasel bassist Dan Vapid (Dan Schafer). They formed in 1993 but went on hiatus shortly after its formation and re-formed in 1999.


Ill At East
Released in December 2001 by A-F Records.
Band lineup:
Dan Schafer - vocals, guitar; Chris Barnard - bass; Dam Lumley - drums.
Tracks: 10

Career Objective
Released in July 2003 by Thick Records.
Produced by Mass Giorgini and The Methadones.
Lineup changes:
Chris Barnard left and was replaced on bass by Pete Mittler. Dan Lumley was replaced on drums by Mike Soucy. Mike Byrne was added as a 2nd guitarist.
Tracks: 11

Not Economically Viable
Released in November 2004 by Thick Records.
Produced by Mass Giorgini, The Methadones, and Philip Hill.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 12

21st Century Power Pop Riot
Released in June 2006 by Red Scare Records.
Produced by The Methadones.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 13

This Won't Hurt
Released in July 10 2007 by Red Scare.
Produced by Matt Allison.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 12

I Believe
Released in 2009 by Underground Communique Records.
No lineup changes.
Produced by The Methadones.
Tracks: 2

Garry Glitter
Released in 2009 by It's Alive Records.
Produced by The Methadones.
Tracks: 2

The Methadones
Released in November 2010 by Solidarity Recordings.
Produced by Justin Perkins, Matt Allison and The Methadones.
No lineup changes.
Tracks: 16


  1. The Methadones were a MUCH better band than Screeching Weasel.

  2. Anonymous12:43 PM

    Did you read that unfavorable disapproving blog Ben Weasel wrote about Dan Vapid and the whole SXSW fiasco? Too bad these guys had this falling out.

  3. Yeah I read that and it made me think even less of Mr. Weasel. As with anything, there are two sides to any story, so I'm sure that there is validity to the things that he said, but man does he come off as such a huge douche bag.

  4. While I do think that Ben often comes across sounding like a complete arse, I am a firm believer of the fact that people do make mistakes and perhaps his lashing out at his former bandmates may have something to do with the fact that (according to his blog) in a sense they betrayed him as well and also did not accept his apology and it probably kind of hurt his feelings.

    Remember this is a guy that has written and recorded some really great freaking music over the years and maybe it isn't necessarily fair to completely bag on him because of one night's poor judgement.