Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Star Trek Chronology

This is a very simple chronology of Star Trek that I came up with:

1992-1996: Eugenics Wars
2049-2053: World War III
2063: First Contact (events from the past)
2151-2161: Star Trek: Enterprise
2156-2160: Earth-Romulan War
2161: United Federation of Planets if founded
2233-2258: Star Trek (2009 movie / alternate timeline)
2266-2269: Star Trek: The Original Series
2269-2270: Star Trek: The Animated Series
2271: The Motion Picture
2285: The Wrath of Khan
2285: The Search for Spock
2286: The Voyage Home
2287: The Final Frontier
2293: The Undiscovered Country
2363-2370: Star Trek: The Next Generation
2371: Generations
2373: First Contact
2369-2375: Deep Space Nine
2375: Insurrection
2371-2378: Star Trek: Voyager
2379: Nemesis

1 comment:

  1. For some reason I thought that more time had passed in-between the Original Series and The Motion Picture.