Thursday, October 27, 2011

Top 4 Bands from Washington DC

While trying to decide on another music-related post to do, I rescued again by my friend Dave from Oklahoma Lefty who suggested I do a post similar to my recent Top 5 Bands from New Jersey.

Today, as the title of this post clearly states, I am putting together my Top 4 favorite bands from Washington D.C.

So here they are, in order of preference (again, the best one is saved for last)....Enjoy!

4..........DAG NASTY
This punk band formed in 1985 by former Minor Threat member Brian Baker and vocalist Shawn Brown. Shawn was eventually replaced on vocals by former ALL vocalist Dave Smalley. Smalley himself left the band in 1986 and was replaced by Peter Cortner.

Studio albums released (5):
Can I Say (1986); Wig Out at Denkos (1987); Field Day (1988); Four on the Floor (1992); Minority of One (2002)

They also released an EP, titled Trouble Is in 1988 and a compilation album, 85-86 in 1991.

Official website
Dag Nasty Wiki article

3..........BAD BRAINS
This hardcore punk band started in 1977. They are considered one of the "founding fathers" of hardcore punk rock. Even though they are a hardcore punk band, their music mixes elements of reggae and jazz fusion as well. In fact, when they first got together they were a jazz fusion band using the name Mind Power. This band has broken up and reunited several times.

Studio albums released (8):
Bad Brains (1982); Rock for Light (1983); I Against I (1986); Quickness (1989); Rise (1993); God of Love (1995); I and I Survived (2002); Build a Nation (2007)

EPs released (2):
Spirit Electricity (1991); The Omega Sessions (1997)
Live albums released (4):
Live (1989); The Youth are Getting Restless (1990); A Bad Brains Reunion Live from Maritime Hall (2001); Live at CBGB 1982 (2006)

Compilation albums released (3):
Black Dots (1996); Banned in DC (2003); Pay to Cum (2006)

Official website
Bad Brains MySpace page
Bad Brains Allmusic site
Bad Brains Wiki article

2..........MINOR THREAT
This short-lived but influential hardcore punk band started up in 1980 and disbanded in 1983. They are considered one of the pioneers of the DIY (Do It Yourself) movement and also considered the band that started the "straight edge" movement.

They released 1 studio albums, Out of Step in 1983.

They released 3 EPs:
Minor Threat (1981); In My Eyes (1981); Salad Days (1985)

They also released 1 compilation album, titled Complete Discography in 1989.

My favorite songs of theirs include:
Straight Edge; I Don't Wanna Hear It; In My Eyes; Guilty of Being White; Out of Step; Good Guys Don't Wear White.

Minor Threat page on Dischord Records
Minor Threat Wiki article

This post-hardcore band was formed in 1987 by former Minor Threat vocalist Ian MacKaye. They have been on hiatus since 2003 due to the members' various side projects.

Studio albums released (6):
Repeater (1990); Steady Diet of Nothing (1991); In on the Kill Taker (1993); Red Medicine (1995); End Hits (1998); The Argument (2001)

EPs released (2):
Fugazi (1988); Margin Walker (1989)

They have released 1 live album, titled Fugazi Live Series in 2004 and 1 compilation, titled 13 Songs in 1989.

My favorite songs of theirs:
Waiting Room; Margin Walker; Provisional; Turnover; Repeater; Blueprint; Shut the Door; Exit Only; Do You Like Me; Fell, Destroyed

Fugazi page at Dischord Records
Fugazi Wiki article

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  1. I had planned on doing my own version of this post but I really only came up with three bands from DC that I love.

    1. Dag Nasty
    2. Minor Threat
    3. Fugazi

    Embrace, Ian MacKaye’s band in-between Minor Threat and Fugazi, would be on the list too if I knew their music better. Rites of Spring would probably be there as well but like Embrace, I don’t know their stuff that well.