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Buddy Holly: Discography of the Moment

Buddy Holly was....uhm....duh! How can you not know who Buddy Holly is!!!

Ok, for those musical morons out there........

Rock and roll singer/songwriters Buddy Holly, whose real name was Charles Holley, was born in September 1936 in Lubbock, Texas. Although his musical career was cut short due to an airplane crash, his legacy was enormous. His music inspired other artists such as The Beatles (who named their band, in a way, after his band, The Crickets) and his influence on music can still be seen today (Weezer's "Buddy Holly" was released in 1994).

The song "American Pie" written and performed by Don McLean in 1971, is about Buddy Holly.

Here are some Buddy Holly links:
Official (I think) website
Buddy Holly Wiki article


The Chirping Crickets
Released in November 1957 by Brunswick Records
Produced by Norman Petty
Band lineup (Buddy Holly and the Crickets):
Buddy Holly - vocals, guitar; Jerry Allison - drums; Joe Mauldin - bass; Niki Sullivan - guitar
Tracks: 12
"That'll Be the Day" "Oh Boy"

Buddy Holly
Released in February 1958 by Brunswick
Produced by Norman Petty and Bob Thiele
Lineup changes:
Niki Sullivan left the lineup for all but one track.
Tracks: 12
"Peggy Sue" "Words of Love" "I'm Gonna Love You Too"

That'll Be the Day
Released in April 1958 by Decca Records
Produced by Owen Bradley
Lineup changes:
This was considered a solo album for Buddy Holly and such he had session musicians playing on this album.
Tracks: 11
"Girl on My Mind"

There have been over 20 compilation albums released between1959 and 2009. Interesting that an artist that only released 3 studio albums has so many compilation albums with his name on it.

My favorite songs by him are "Oh Boy!" "Not Fade Away" "Maybe Baby" "That'll Be the Day" and "Peggy Sue."

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