Thursday, November 03, 2011

DCs New 52: November 3, 2011

I decided to just start doing these on a weekly basis rather than a monthly basis.

Action Comics #3
The 3rd issue of Action Comics continues Superman's fairly new career as a superhero. The police still don't like them and the fact that he is from another planet is fueling some major anti-alien hysteria from the public. To be honest, the story hasn't really been grabbing me and there is a strong chance that #3 is the last issue of Action Comics that I will buy.

Green Arrow #3
The third issue of Green Arrow picks up where we left off last month with Oliver about to square off with a teen of evil metahumans that find joy in recording their fights and streaming them on the Internet. This time they are proclaiming the death of Green Arrow live on the Internet. The fight itself takes up almost all of the comic and it is a pretty good fight even though G.A. really doesn't have any powers.

Detective Comics #3
As it turns out, the Gotham Ripper is a new villain that goes by the name of The Dollmaker. He gets his name from the fact that he rips people apart and makes dolls out of their skin. In issue #3 of Detective Comics, Batman finds himself drugged by the Dollmaker and about to be "operated" on to be sold as a collectible. No sign of Joker in this one but at the very end, the Dollmaker pits Batman against a group of "Jokers."

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