Friday, November 11, 2011

Subsanity: Discography of the Moment

Subsanity, originally called Torment was an Oklahoma City-based grind core/doom metal band that was formed in 1991. They disbanded in the early 2000s but the singer is currently in another local band called A Fate Far Worse.

Released in 1992 by War Wax Records.
Recorded at Cornerstone Studio, Oklahoma City.
Tracks: 4

Psycho Dubs
Released in July 1995 by War Wax
Recorded at Psycho Studios in Norman, OK
Produced by David Hyde
Band lineup:
Mike Standridge - vocals; David Arnette - guitar; DJ Richardson - guitar; Brad Day - drums; Neil Weighar - bass
Tracks: 10

Post Apocalyptic Doom Attack
Compilation album released independently in 1996
Various producers
No lineup changes
Tracks: 15

Lost on Earth
Released in October 1996 by War Wax
Recorded at Premier Studios in Oklahoma City, OK
Produced by Kurt Campbell and James Randall
Lineup changes:
Neil Weighar replaced on bass by Tim Wolfenbarger; DJ Richardson replaced on guitar by Chris Greenway
Tracks: 4

Human is Shit
Released in April 1997 by War Wax
Recorded at Premiere Studio in Oklahoma City
Produced by Kirk Campbell and Subsanity
No lineup changes
Tracks: 6

Future is War
Released in January 1999 by War Wax
No lineup changes
Tracks: 11

Logic Plague
Released in 2002 by Selfish Fucker Records
Tracks: 5

Here are some Subsanity videos:

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