Saturday, November 05, 2011

Top 3 Bands from Arizona

Let's make a quick stop in Arizona!


This is a folk punk band that formed in 2004 in Phoenix, Arizona. It consists of 2 guys, Sean Bonnette and Ben Gallaty. This band even played in Oklahoma City recently opening up for Frank Turner. I, of course, was stuck at work and could not go to the show.

Studio albums (EPs included):
Candy Cigarettes and Cap Guns (2005); Issue Problems (2006); People That Can Eat People Are the Luckiest People in the World (2007); Art of the Underground (2007); Only God Can Judge Me (2008); Operation Stackola (2009); Holiday Inn Gainseville (2009); Can't Maintain (2009); Knife Man (2011)

Official website
AJJ Myspace page
AJJ Wiki article

2............MEAT PUPPETS

This rock band was also formed in Phoenix in 1980 by the Kirkwood brothers (Curt and Cris). They have broken up and reunited a couple of times and have changed labels several times.

Studio albums (EPs included):
In a Car (1981); Meat Puppets (1982); Meat Puppets 2 (1984); Up on the Sun (1985); Out My Way (1986); Mirage (1987); Huevos (1987); Monsters (1989); Forbidden Places (1991); Too High to Die (1994); Raw Meat (1994); No Joke! (1995); You Love Me (1999); Golden Lies (2000); Rise to Your Knees (2007); Sewn Together (2009); Lollipop (2011)

Live albums:
Live in Montana (1999); Live (2002);

Compilation albums:
No Strings Attached (1990); Meat Puppets 8 (1999); Classic Puppets (2004); Rare Meat (2005)

Favorite songs:
Plateau; Lake of Fire; The Void; Backwater

Official website
Meat Puppets Wiki article

1............GIN BLOSSOMS

Gin Blossoms are a pop rock band that formed in 1987 in Tempe, Arizona. They disbanded in 1997 but returned in 2002. This band really puts out some good pop rock songs. Aside from being #1 on the Arizona list this band would probably end up on a Top 20 bands overall list of mine.

Studio albums (EPs included):
Dusted (1989); Up and Crumbling (1991); New Miserable Experience (1992); Shut Up and Smoke (1994); Congratulations I'm Sorry (1996); Major Lodge Victory (2006); No Chocolate Cake (2010)

They released 2 compilation albums Outside Looking In, released in 1999 and 20th Century Masters, released in 2003. They have also released one live album in 2009 titled simply Live in Concert.

Favorite songs:
Found Out About You; Hey Jealousy; Allison Road; Until I Fall Away; Day Job; Follow You Down; Highwire; Not Only Numb; Perfectly Still; As Long as It Matters; Til I Hear It From You; Long Time Gone

Official website
GB MySpace page
GB Twitter page
GB Wiki article

Other Arizona based bands worth mentioning:
Alice Cooper
Flotsam and Jetsam
Mr. Mister (only sort of worth mentioning - lol)
Sacred Reich
Machines of Loving Grace

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  1. I wasn't that impressed with Andrew Jackson Jihad when I saw them open for Frank Turner. They seemed like really great guys and all but their performance was kind of blah.