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Top 5 Bands from Illinois

Here's my next installment of top bands from [insert location here]. Today, we are stopping the state of


5............BIG BLACK
This punk band hails from Evanston, Illinois and formed in 1981. They disbanded in 1987. They were

known for highly distorted guitars and using a drum machine rather than an actual drummer. As well as

being a punk band, they are known as being one of the pioneers of industrial rock. They were also a

band that heavily advocated a DIY (Do It Yourself) ethic.

Studio albums released:
Lungs (1982); Bulldozer (1983); Racer-X (1984); Atomizer (1986); Headache (1987); Songs About

Fucking (1987);

Live albums released:
Sound of Impact (1987); Pigpile (1992)

Compilation albums released:
The Hammer Party (1986); The Rich Man's Eight Track Tape (1992)

My favorite songs of theirs:
Fists of Love; The Power of Independent Trucking; The Model; Bad Penny; L Dopa; Il Duce

Big Black Wiki article

4............CHEAP TRICK
This rock band formed in Rockford, Illinois in 1973 and has been performing every since.

Studio albums released:
Cheap Trick (1977); In Color (1977); Heaven Tonight (1978); Dream Police (1979); Found All the Parts

(1980); All Shook Up (1980); One on One (1982); Next Position Please (1983); Standing on the Edge

(1985); The Doctor (1986); Lap of Luxury (1988); Busted (1990); Woke Up With a Monster (1994);

Cheap Trick (1997); Special One (2003); Rockford (2006); The Latest (2009)

Live albums released:
Cheap Trick at Budokan (1979); Budokan 2 (1993); Cheap Trick at Budokan: The Complete Concert

(1998); Music for Hangovers (1999); Silver (2001); Sessions@AOL (2005); Sgt Pepper Live (2009)

Cheap Trick has also released 13 compilation albums between 1991 and 2009.

My favorite songs of theirs:
I Want You To Want Me; Southern Girls; Surrender; Dream Police; Voices; If You Want My Love; She's

Tight; The Flame

Official website
Cheap Trick Wiki article

3............ALKALINE TRIO
This punk rock band was formed in McHenry, Illiniois in 1996 by Matt Skiba, Rob Doran and Glenn Porter. Matt, of course, is the only "original" member left in the band.

Studio albums released:
Goddamnit (1998); Maybe I'll Catch Fire (2000); From Here to Infirmary (2001); Good Mourning (2003); Crimson (2005); Agony and Irony (2008); This Addiction (2010); Damnesia (2011)

EPs released:
For Your Lungs Only (1998); I Lied My Face Off (1999)

Compilation albums released:
Alkaline Trio (2000); Remains (2007)

My favorite songs of theirs:
Clavicle; Radio; Private Eye; Queen of Pain; This Could Be Love; All on Black; Emma; Time to Waste; Mercy Me; Dethbed; Sadie; This Addiction; Dine, Dine My Darling; Lead Poisoning; Off the Map; Draculina; Eating Me Alive

Official website
Alkaline Trio Wiki article
Alkaline Trio MySpace page

This punk band was formed in 1986 in Chicago, Illinois by Ben Foster (Ben Weasel) and John Pierson

(John Jughead). This band has broken up and re-formed with so many different line-ups so many times,

I quit counting a long time ago. Although Ben can come off as quite an arse fairly often, the songwriting

is great and their contribution to the pop-punk scene can never be ignored.

Studio albums released:
Screeching Weasel (1987); Boogadaboogadaboogada! (1988); My Brain Hurts (1991); Ramones

(1992); Wiggle (1993); Anthem for a New Tomorrow (1993); How to Make Enemies and Irritate People

(1994); Bark Like a Dog (1996); Television City Dream (1997); Emo (1999); Teen Punks in Heat (2000);

First World Manifesto (2011);

EPs released:
Punkhouse (1989); Pervo Devo (1991); Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions (1991); Happy, Horny, Gay

and Sassy (1992); Radio Blast (1993); You Broke My Fucking Heart (1993); Suzanne Is Getting Married

(1994); Formula 27 (1996); Major Label Debut (1998); Jesus Hates You (1999); Carnival of

Schadenfreude (2011)

Compilation albums released:
Kill the Musicians (1995); Beat is on the Brat (1998); Thank You Very Little (2000); Weasel Mania (2005)

My favorite songs of theirs:
Murder in the Brady House; I Hate Led Zeppelin; Dingbat; My Right; Hey Suburbia; Making You Cry;

Guest List; Veronica Hates Me; Cindys on Methadone; Science of Myth; My Brain Hurts; Automatic

Rejector; I'm Gonna Strangle You; I, Robot; A New Tomorrow; Totally; Every Night; Cool Kids; First Day

of Summer; You'll Be in My Dreams Today; Your Name Is Tattooed on My Heart; Count to Three; Speed

of Mutation; Acknowledge; Sidewalk Warrior

Official website
Allmusic website
SW Wiki article

The Smoking Popes, an awesome pop-punk band, were formed in Chicago in 1991 by the Caterer brothers (Josh, Matt and Eli). They disbanded in 1999 and re-formed in 2005. On a side note, during the time the Popes were not together, Josh Caterer formed Duvall . The members of the band were essentially former members of the Popes. To me Duvall is basically a Christian version of the Smoking Popes.

Studio albums released:
Get Fired (1993); Born to Quit (1994); Destination Failure (1997); The Party's Over (2001); Stay Down (2008); This Is Only a Test (2011);

EPs released:
Inoculator (1991); Break Up (1992); 2 (1993); Egg Nog (1997)

Live albums released:
Live (2000); At Metro (2006)

Compilation albums released:
1991-1998 (1999); It's Been a Long Day (2010)

My favorite songs of theirs:
Brand New Hairstyle; Writing a Letter; Let Them Die; Not That Kind of Girlfriend; Let's Hear It for Love; Midnight Moon; Rubella; Need You Around; Adena; Star Struck One/No More Smiles; Megan; Pretty Pathetic; Welcome to Janesville; If You Don't Care; Stefanie; Stay Down; Wish We Were; This Is Only a Test; College; Punk Band; Diary of a Teen Tragedy;

Official website
Smoking Popes Wiki article

Here is a list of a bunch of other bands from Illinois that are good but didn't make the cut (be on the lookout for a dotm on one or more of these bands soon):

Smashing Pumpkins
Veruca Salt
Fall Out Boy
The Jesus Lizard
The Methadones
Naked Raygun
Stabbing Westward
The Tossers
Jars of Clay

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