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Top 9 Albums Released by Epitaph Records

Dave from Oklahoma Lefty suggested I start doing some lists on my favorite albums from specific record labels. I thought it was a great idea so here is the first installment, based on the legendary California punk rock record label, Epitaph Records.

Epitaph Records is based in Hollywood and was started in 1980 by Bad Religion guitarist Brett Gurewitz. It was mainly started as a record label to release his own band's (Bad Religion) album but it eventually branched out and has signed some of punk rock's best artists.

It even has a couple of subsidiary labels including Hellcat Records and ANTI- Records.

So here is my list, my top 9 favorite albums released by Epitaph Records, in descending order of preference...or is that ascending order...i dunno...the last one is my absolute favorite release....

Pennywise was the first album to be released on Epitaph Records by the melodic punk rock band of the same name. It was released in October 1991.

8......White Trash, Two Heebs and a Bean
This album is the first NOFX album released by Epitaph. It was released in November 1992 and includes some great songs including "Bob" and "Liza and Louise."

7......Punk in Drublic
This album was the follow-up album to NOFX's White Trash...... This one was released in July 1994 and contains songs such as "Don't Call me White" "The Brews" and "Linoleium."

6......Recipe for Hate
This first Bad Religion album to show up on this list (there are more coming I assure you). This was the last album that they recorded for Epitaph before leaving for major label Atlantic Records. It was released in September 1993. Some of the great songs on this one were "American Jesus" "Struck a Nerve" and "All Good Soldiers."

5......Mass Nerder
This album was the first album released by Epitaph by the band ALL. It was released in May 1998 and includes the songs "Until I Say So" "Refrain" and "Until Then."

4......So Long and Thanks for all the Shoes
Another NOFX entry on the list, this one was released in November 1997. Some gems on this album are "Monosyllabic Girl" "All Outta Angst" "Kill Rock Stars" and "Quart in Session."

Suffer is thought by some to be Bad Religion's quintessential album. This is definitely the album that (in my opinion) really put them on the punk rock map, so to speak. It was released in September 1988 and includes songs such as "Give You Nothing" "Suffer" "Do What You Want" and "You Are the Government."

2......No Control
This follow-up to Bad Religion's Suffer is actually my favorite Bad Religion album. It was released in November 1989. It includes songs such as "I Want Something More" "You" "It Must Look Pretty Appealing" "I Want to Conquer the World" "No Control" and "Change of Ideas."

1......Everything Sucks
This Descendents album was the first, last and only of theirs to be released by Epitaph. It was the first album of theirs to be released after their "reformation", that is, their reunion with singer Milo Aukerman. It is a great album and usually ends up on one of my favorite albums of all time lists. It was released in September 1996. Some of the great songs on this album are "I'm the One" "Rotting Out" "Sick-O-Me" "When I Get Old" "She Loves Me" "Hateful Notebook" "We" and "Thank You."

Stay tuned for the next installment of Top Albums from [insert record label here] coming soon!

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