Friday, December 16, 2011

Kyuss: Discography of the Moment

Kyuss was a rock band that formed in 1988 (originally as Katzenjammer) in Palm Desert, California (near Palm Springs). Their music has been characterized as stoner rock. They disbanded in 1995 and guitar player Josh Homme formed Queens of the Stone Age. In 2010, some of its founding members put together a Kyuss Lives reunion tour.


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Sons of Kyuss
Released in April 1990 by Smash Productions
Produced by Catherine Enny and Ron Krown
Band lineup:
John Garcia - vocals; Josh Homme - guitar; Chris Cockrell - bass; Brant Bjork - drums
Tracks: 8

Released in September 1991 by Dali Records
Produced by Kyuss, Catherine Enny and Ron Krown
Lineup changes:
Nick Oliveri replaced Chris Cockrell on bass
Tracks: 11

Blues for the Red Sun
Released in June 1992 by Dali
Produced by Kyuss and Chris Goss
No lineup changes
Tracks: 14
"Thong Song" "Green Machine"

Welcome to Sky Valley
Released in June 1994 by Elektra Records
Produced by Kyuss and Chris Goss
Lineup changes:
Nick Oliveri was replaced on bass by Scott Reeder
Tracks: 11
"Demon Cleaner" "Gardenia"

And the Circus Leaves Town
Released in July 1995 by Elektra
Produced by Kyuss and Chris Goss
Lineup changes:
Alfredo Hernandez replaced Brant Bjork on drums
Tracks: 10
"One Inch Man"

Kyuss/Queens of the Stone Age
Compilation/split album released in December 1997 by Man's Ruin Records
No lineup changes
Tracks: 6 (1st 3 were performed by Kyuss, last 3 were performed by Queens of the Stone Age)
"Into the Void"

Muchas Gracias
Compilation album released in November 2000 by Elektra
Tracks: 15

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