Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Currently Reading: A Man Without a Country

TITLE: A Man Without a Country
AUTHOR: Kurt Vonnegut
PUBLISHER: Seven Stories Press

Another one of the few Vonnegut books that I haven't read. From what I have heard about this book, this is less a work of fiction than it is a commentary on life and politics in America. In fact, I found the book itself in the non-fiction section of the library rather than the fiction section that I normally get my Vonnegut books from.

I have read some pretty cool quotes from this book so I am really looking forward to tearing through this one.


  1. I <3 Kurt Vonnegut. One of my biggest regrets is NOT skipping class in college to go see him speak. I will have to check this out from the library.

  2. yeah, it's a pretty good one. i wouldn't say it is his best but it is still really good.