Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Lament of a Political Blogger

Does it seem to you like the power of the vote is not as credible lately? Or was it ever?

It's as if voting doesn't hold the power it once did. That is, if it ever was powerful to begin with.

It doesn't seem to matter anymore. As if the winners of any given political contest is decided before it begins.

So, we can, if we choose, to become active in the political process. We can blog about the process as much as we want. But in the end, our cries and speeches and rants mean absolutely nothing.

And yet, we continue to torture ourselves, continually writing about politics. Blogging. Saturating our Facebook and Twitter pages. Somehow fooling ourselves into thinking that what we say matters.

So why do we do it?

Perhaps we are masochists and enjoy the torture. Perhaps we have not yet lost hope and still think that we might be reaching someone out there that might feel the same way we do. Perhaps we just can't think of anything else to write about. LoL!

Perhaps it could be that even though our votes and rantings are meaningless, the topic is still interesting enough to us to continue writing about this dribble.

We are the political bloggers. We are the not so silent masses. We are the amateur pundits of America, striving to hold on to some sort of democracy by providing slightly educated commentary to a system that may or may not be broken and without hope. No matter the results of the political processes, we are certain that we could have done a better job.

No matter how much it may seem like futile efforts, we will never abandon our quest for a better tomorrow. We will never surrender to the hopelessness that politics in America has seem to have become.

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  1. I say write until you feel like it's not serving YOU any purpose anymore. This is hard to live by, especially when you don't feel your beliefs reflected out there. But, saying your piece is important in and of itself. I guess what I'm saying is invest in the process without worrying about the goal.