Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday Afternoon Shuffle (1.28.12)

  1. Heart is Gone - Roustabouts (from the album The Only One)
  2. Of Pirates, Cowboys and Lawyers - Ryan Harvey w/Tom Frampton (from the album The Revolution Will Not Be Amplified)
  3. My Best Friend - Weezer (from the album Make Believe)
  4. May the Future Forgive Us - Fall City Shakedown (from the album Birds + Leaves)
  5. Haight Street - Anberlin (from the album New Surrender)
  6. Brushing of the Wings - Traindodge (from the album Wolves)
  7. Fashion Victim - Green Day (from the album Warning)
  8. Fun Tonight - The Riverdales (from the album The Riverdales)
  9. She Sells Sanctuary - Cult (from the album Love)
  10. Trust - Megadeth (from the album Cryptic Writings)
  11. Bro Hymn - Pennywise (from the album Pennywise)

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