Saturday, February 25, 2012

Ron Paul Stops in Oklahoma

Texas Congressman and Republican Presidential Candidates Dr. Ron Paul stopped in Oklahoma today and I was there. He delivered a great speech to a very large crowd. There seem to be quite a few Ron Paul supporters in the Oklahoma City area.

Some of the key things Dr. Paul spoke on (along with a few quotes) were:

  • Repealing the 16th Amendment. "We have the right to keep the fruits of our labors."
  • Abolishising or Auditing the Federal Reserve.
  • Bringing the troops home. "Great nations who extend themselves overseas inevitably go bankrupt." "[We need]...a foreign policy that defends this country and not to police the world.."
  • Ending the Drug War. It has cost us trillions of dollars and there are still drugs out there. Drug addiction should be treated as a disease like alcohol. Prescription drugs are becoming a bigger problem than the drugs on the streets.
  • Repealing the Patriot Act. "If that bill has been called the ban the 4th Amendment Act, it wouldn't have passed."

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