Thursday, March 29, 2012

Capitalist Sooner On Why Republican

Fellow Oklahoma blogger Capitalist Sooner has written an excellent post titled "Why I am a Republican."

He made some really good points in this post, here is just a small excerpt from it that speaks on what I like to call the stepchildren of the GOP, the Libertarians:

"While I can appreciate the attraction to not being in a political is not possible in this time to effect change outside the party system........I see the Libertarian Party as our long lost GOP brothers who just need to be welcomed home properly. They are a part of us. We should reach out to them and prepare a place for them, not fight with them. We need each other to defeat the combined forces arrayed against us. Our differences are minor and agreements major. The right leadership can heal this divide and I believe unity here is coming.

I suggest you give this post, as well as his other posts a good read through.

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