Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sheriff Whetsel Resorts to Lies!

On the list of endorsement on his re-election campaign website, the following quote appears:

"Sheriff John Whetsel has been endorsed by the Oklahoma State Fraternal
Order of Police (FOP) as well as every FOP Lodge in Oklahoma County..."

As a matter of fact, as stated in my previous post Whetsel Loses FOP Endorsement, Sheriff Whetsel for a fact, did NOT get the endorsement of the Oklahoma City FOP.

Another interesting endorsement I saw on that page was the endorsement of Attorney General Drew Edmondson??? Last time I checked, Scott Pruitt was our Attorney General. And yet another one was the endorsement of Oklahoma County Commissioner Jim Roth. Roth has not been the County Commissioner since 2009.

Just goes to show you that this man is willing to lie to keep his job.


  1. A politician lied? Perish the thought.

  2. hey hey. my husband is a politician. i would hope he wouldn't lie ;)

    but the others, yes. i do believe they lie. alot.

  3. You and I both know that Steve is the exception to the rule. :o)