Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Attacks on Rand Paul Counterproductive

I'm as big a Ron Paul supporter as the next liberty-minded guy but I have to say that all the negative talk against his son for endorsing Mitt Romney is counterproductive.

Ron has come out and admitted he can't win the nomination. He has urged his supporters to continue to fight the delegate fight and go to Tampa and focus their efforts on such important issues as the Republican platform. The point is that I think Ron has more or less already conceded the election in my opinion.
That being said, what Senator Rand Paul did was not a betrayal of his father. He was not selling out or stabbing the liberty movement in the back. What he has done was an attempt to close the gap between the establishment and the liberty caucuses. I say attempt because it seems his actions have more or less turned the liberty Republicans against him.

I believe that Rand has a bright future in American politics. I believe that his values have not changed. I believe he is still liberty-minded. I believe he has taken this action in endorsing Romney because he knows that, whether we like it or not, the liberty movement must work with the establishment in order to further their cause. Who else would we turn to? The Democrats?

We may not agree with everything the GOP establishment says but we do have some common ground. It is that common ground that I believe we should focus on instead of attacking what could very well be our best hope for a future leader of the national liberty movement within the Republican Party. I believe with his recent actions he has cemented his future in the Party. And I believe that this is a good thing.

Again, whether we like it or not, for this movement to continue, we will need allies in the GOP establishment. I believe that by endorsing Romney he is making an effort to gain allies in that establishment.

So go ahead and keep trash talking Rand Paul if you must but in my opinion he has done more for the liberty movement in this country than you think by endorsing Romney as the GOP's Presidential nominee.

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