Wednesday, June 06, 2012

A Few Endorsements

Here is a list of a few of the political candidates that The Otter Limits is endorsing this year. There are probably more to come but here are a few to start off with.

First up is the Republican candidate for Oklahoma County Sheriff. I am endorsing Darrell Sorrels. The incumbent, John Whetsel, originally ran 16 years ago, on a platform of fixing the jail (the Oklahoma County Detention Center) and he has done nothing but made it worse. Under his watch, the Department of Justice is close to taking it over completely. The problems that the Department of Justice have identified are almost completely based on management. And Sheriff Whetsel wants to build a brand new facility that will cost the taxpayers of Oklahoma County over $350 million. But building a new facility will not fix the management. With Darrell at the helm as a conservative voice of the people, he will saves the taxpayers millions of dollars by renovating the current facility instead.
I urge you to visit him at his website at

I am supporting Paul Blair for Oklahoma State Senate against the incumbent Clark Jolley. I am supporting Paul because he is not a professional politician and I believe that his opponent campaigns one way but legislates another. Visit him at

I am supporting Jeff Renner for State House District 100 over the incumbent Elise Hall. This is mostly a personal decision. I have met Jeff and I like him and personally, there is just something about Representative Hall that does not sit well with me.
Visit him at

This is another one of those personal decisions that isn't based on a lot of factual information. Gordon is running for Oklahoma County Commissioner against the incumbent Brian Maughan. Again, something about Brian just doesn't sit right with me. I've have met him and talked with him. He seems like a nice enough guy and has some good intentions but I really don't think he belongs in the office he is in. I met Gordon last night at a political event and I really like him. Most importantly, I like the idea that he wants the Oklahoma County Commission to restrict itself to the duties that were laid out for it in the Oklahoma State Constitution and nothing else. Always good to work toward limited government.
Gordon is running his campaign on a shoestring budget because he does not believe a candidate should spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to get a job as a public servant.
He does not have an official website but you can visit him on his Facebook site

And last (for now) but definitely not least, is one of the Republican candidates for the office of Oklahoma County Court Clerk, Charles Key. Charles Key is currently a State House Representative and is not running for that seat again because he is term limited and cannot run again. I have to say that in my opinion, Charles is probably the best state legislator that Oklahoma has right now. He is an advocate for liberty and a true patriot. Charles is the kind of guy that I would support in any political race and, quite honestly, wish he would run for Congress.
Visit his website

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