Thursday, June 07, 2012

Oklahoma City Thunder - Who Would Have Thought?

The Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals?

It is remarkable enough to think that our city has a professional sports franchise to begin with but to have a team that is actually good? Wow.

Just think that in less than a week, Oklahoma City is going to be hosting the finals for a major league professional sports organization.

The impact of this to Oklahoma is going to massive.

First, the revenue that will be streaming into the Oklahoma City area during the next couple of weeks will be mind-blowing. Hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, bars, grocery stores, convenience stores, shopping centers. The possibilities are endless. Imagine the number of people that will be coming from all over to attend an NBA finals game and the economic impact that is going to have on our city. Mayor Cornett and Governor Fallin (among many others) have got to be just absolutely giddy about the financial impact this is going to have to our city.

Second, the overall political and socio-economic impact that this is going to have on Oklahoma will be great. During the next couple of weeks, the entire world, not just the country, the entire world, will be watching Oklahoma battle whoever the winner of the Eastern Conference Finals will be for the title of National Basketball champions. The eyes of the entire world will be on our state. A state that just 5 years ago a lot of people didn’t even know the location of. Oklahoma? Huh? Where’s that? Is there anything there? Now, people internationally will recognize Oklahoma as a state with potential. And of course, the impact of this will be the enormous growth of Oklahoma that will result from it. Companies will think of Oklahoma as a potential location to grow their business. People will view Oklahoma as a potential location to come to work and raise their families. Oklahoma will truly be accepted as a city to contend with.

Furthermore, this will further impact the city and state economically and socially and politically because of the numerous new doors that could be opened to it as a result of having a winning sports franchise. I’m thinking in terms of the new professional sports doors that could potentially open for the city as a result. Think about it. Oklahoma City has now shown itself to be a city that is capable of supporting a successful professional sports franchise. Why couldn’t other professional sports organizations locate here as well? The National Hockey League has been looking to expand. Why not Oklahoma City? We already have the facilities to be able to support a professional hockey team. We have already shown that hockey is an up and coming sport in the area with the Blazers and the Barons. We could certainly garnish the organization a willing and loyal fan base. What about Major League Baseball? There is potential for Oklahoma City to open up to that market as well.

It is just amazing to me how a single event in sports history like the Oklahoma City Thunder going to the NBA Finals is going to have such a huge impact to our little (or not so little) city. It will be interesting to see how this really all plays out.


  1. I am super excited for everything the Thunder are bringing to Oklahoma. Thunder Up boys! So proud of everything you have accomplished.

  2. Well said Steve!

    I'm not much of a sports fan really, but I'm happy to see the Thunder doing so well because, like you said, the impact to the city and state will be huge.

    One little bone to pick though. Oklahoma isn't part of the Midwest. Sure it has some very Midwestern things about it, but it is actually part of the South.

  3. Good point Dave. I've corrected that in my post.

  4. Anonymous1:16 PM

    I don't follow basketball so I had no idea! I am rooting for the Thunder from afar.

  5. Anonymous9:59 PM

    thanks for sharing.