Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Oklahoma Primary 2012 Disappointing

What happened last night in Oklahoma politics was very disappointing to me.

The voters in Oklahoma spoke and their words were very clear to me. Those words were business as usual in Oklahoma government is okay with me.

With the exception of Mike Turner defeating incumbent Guy Liebmann in House District 32 and Nathan Dahm winning in State Senate district 33, the results of the primary elections was very disheartening to me.

Incumbent Brian Maughan was re-elected as Oklahoma County Commissioner instead of Gordon Jeney.
Incumbent Clark Jolley was re-elected to State Senate district 41 instead of Paul Blair.
Incumbent Elise Hall was re-elected to State House district 100 instead of Jeff Renner.
Incumbent Marian Cooksey was re-elected to State House district 39 instead of Bob Dani.
Incumbent Gary Banz was re-elected to State House district 101 instead of A.J. Bailey.

And this is just to name a few.  Incumbents were successful all across the state.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not on an all-out attack against incumbents in general. There are some people in the state legislature that are honestly trying to do the right thing. But they are in the minority. No, I’m not attacking all incumbents. Just the ones that I feel have been bought and paid for and have no interest in serving the citizens of Oklahoma.

The results of yesterday’s primary election speak loud and clear to me. Either the majority of Oklahoma voters are okay with the way things are going in our state and don’t think anything should be changed or, at this is probably the more likely option, the majority of Oklahoma voters are completely ignorant and have not educated themselves enough to make an informed decision on who to vote for.

I weep for the future of our country.

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