Friday, July 20, 2012

Midnight Rising

I recently became a contributor to the Oklahoma-based blog/online news outlet Red Dirt Report.

Lately, Red Dirt Report has frequently been linking stories from yours truly from this blog onto that site so it was discussed and decided that I would officially become a regular contributor to the site.

I am extremely happy to be a new part of the Red Dirt Report family and am looking forward to contributing new content.

The above link connects you to my first contribution to Red Dirt Report, my review of the newest entry into the Christopher Nolan Batman saga, The Dark Knight Rises.

Here are some excerpts but I highly encourage you to read the whole story at Red Dirt Report.

Last night, or technically this morning, at midnight I took my oldest daughter and my costumed son to the opening showing of what has very possibly been the most highly anticipated film in the last two years, The Dark Knight Rises.

Ever since its 2008 predecessor, the Dark Knight wrapped up, there have been rumors upon rumors about this film. The Internet has been rampant with speculation and gossip and this film and its director, Christopher Nolan, did not disappoint in keeping the details of this film as close to the chest and away from the media as possible.

This movie was well worth the wait.

Read the whole review at Red Dirt Report.

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