Friday, July 13, 2012

Politics 101: Agenda 21

It has been a while since I've done a "What the Heck...." article so here is a new one for you.

Agenda 21 is a plan put together by the United Nations to implement sustainable development programs across the globe under the guise of protecting the environment and social justice when in fact it is a program planned out by globalists to take control over the lives of every human being on earth.
According to the framers of this proposal any decision made by a global leader should be based on that decisions environmental impact. They seek to ensure the incorporation of all economic, social and environmental policies globally. The focus of the program is three-fold: global land use, global education, and global population control.

The International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) is the organization that is charged with implementation of Agenda 21 locally. Each member community pays a portion of taxpayer money in order to be provided planning assistance and other related training. This organization is covertly pushing the Agenda 21 doctrine into local communities via programs such as Smart Growth, Wildlands Project, Regional Visioning Projects and other “green” projects.

Based on Agenda 21, the American way of life of private ownership is destructive to the environment and thus private property would become nonexistent. According to Agenda 21 personal lifestyle patterns such as the use of gasoline, air conditioning and specific food consumption would be controlled by the government instead of the individual.

According to the Vice Chairman of the ICLEI, Harvey Ruvin,
“Individual rights will have to take a beat seat to the collective.”

Agenda 21 intends to re-create government starting with the smallest local level in order to dictate everything that we do under the guide of promoting the common good. They promote this by describing social justice in a way where all people benefit equally from the resources that are redistributed. In other words, it calls for global redistribution of wealth.

This IS one-world government in the making.

Sound scary? I know what you are thinking. This isn’t something the United States would ever agree to. Oh really? Well guess what? President George Bush in 1995 signed an Executive Order to force the United States to comply with the goals of Agenda 21.

To no surprise, the current President also supports the implementation of Agenda 21. He himself issued an Executive Order which establishes what is called the White House Rural Council. This council is administered by the Secretary of Agriculture is comprised of selected members of the President’s cabinet. Its intended purpose is to provide for the distribution of food and energy to rural areas of the country. What is not widespread knowledge about this plan is that they intend to implement this program through a “partnership” between the federal government and local farmers, ranchers and other private citizens. Sounds to me like nationalization of our farms.

Let me get one thing perfectly straight here readers. Globalism is not a good thing. The idea of a one-world government is terrifying to me. The framers of our government were opposed to a strong central government and that is why they put together the United States Constitution. It was for an equal share of power. It was so that no one person or no one organization has too much power. Giving control of your government to an international organization is giving them control of your life. Pure and simple.
As I stated just a few paragraphs before, implementation of Agenda 21 is one-world government in the making. It must be stopped at all costs.

Write your Congressmen. Write your Senators. Urge them not to allow the implementation of Agenda 21 in the United States. Write your state legislators. Urge them not to allow the implementation of Agenda 21 locally.

Educate your children (because you can guarantee that the public school system is educating them in favor of it). Make sure they understand that personal liberty is important. Make sure that they understand that redistribution of wealth is immoral. If we do not educate our children about this, we are allowing the government to educate and indoctrinate them.

We must fight for our future and we must ensure that Agenda 21 is not a part of that future!

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