Thursday, August 09, 2012

Johnson Makes It On the Ballot in Oklahoma!

According to this article, Gary Johnson Makes Ballot in Toughest State for Ballot Access in the Nation, posted on The Libertarian Republican blog, former New Mexico Governor, Gary Johnson, will be on the ballot this year as a Presidential candidate.

Regardless of the State Election Board's best efforts to keep the Libertarian Party off the ballot this year, the Party's candidate for President will be on the ballot this November in Oklahoma.

Despite the hard work of the Oklahoma Libertarian Party to get their Party on the ballot this year by hitting the ground hard to get thousands upon thousands of signatures, the State Election Board ruled that they fell short in getting the required number of signatures. This marked a low point in the fight against Oklahoma’s highly restricted ballot access laws and almost ensured that their candidate, Gary Johnson, would not be the ballot in Oklahoma in 2012.

That was before the nonpartisan Americas Elect organization came to the rescue and submitted Gary’s name as their nomination for President. Americas Elect had previously already gotten the required number of signatures to get their party on the ballot in Oklahoma.

So, come November, Oklahoma will have 3 choices in the Presidential election once again.

Congratulations Governor Johnson!

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  1. Is Gary Johnson like the other candidates?