Thursday, August 02, 2012

The Power Behind the Badge

What is a Sheriff did not say enough. There is more that needs to be said about the office of the Sheriff and the importance of making a good voting decision on who and who should not be your county’s Sheriff.

Just in case it has not been made abundantly clear, the County Sheriff is THE highest law enforcement official in his county. The Sheriff is the highest governmental authority in his county. Within his county, he has more power than the Governor of that state. In fact, he has power within his county than does the President of the United States.

The Sheriff can command federal agents to leave his county if he so desires. If they do not comply, he is within his right to arrest them and incarcerate them. It is also within the power of the Sheriff to refuse to enforce federal (and state) laws that he deems are unconstitutional. Before serving any papers, making any arrests of confiscating any property, a federal agent or agency must check with the Sheriff first. In short, all federal business done within a specific county must and can only be done at the Sheriff’s discretion.

Look up and read about Printz v U.S. This was a lawsuit brought to the U.S. government by Sheriff Richard Mack of Arizona and Sheriff Jay Printz of Montana. This lawsuit was brought about due to the refusal of these Sheriff’s to enforce the Brady Bill in their counties. The Supreme Court decided in favor of the Sheriff Mack and Sheriff Printz. In the decision Justice Anthony Scalia quotes the founding fathers again and again about the abuses of the federal government and the duty of the local governments to prevent the centralization of political power and how when this country established, political power was divided for a purpose. That purpose was to prevent tyranny and defend the people against government oppression. The Court re-iterated that the Constitution of the United States is the supreme law of the land.

These Sheriffs fought for the Constitutional rights of their county’s citizens and beat the government!

The bottom line is that the Sheriff is the elected official that decides, within his county, what laws will be enforced and what laws will not be enforced. He is constitutionally-bound to protect you and your families from all enemies, foreign and domestic. This is why the Sheriff is an elected position. This is why it is so important that you know as much about the person you are voting for in an election for County Sheriff. Wouldn’t you want to elect somebody that has given their word that they will support and defend the Constitution and that they will protect the people under him against the tyranny of an oppressive government?

So ponder for a while the importance of the office of the County Sheriff. Once you think you fully understand the significance of that position, think about what type of person you want in that position and contemplate the consequences of hiring the wrong man for the job.

It is imperative that you understand the importance of the office of Sheriff and it is even more imperative that you place somebody in that office that has vowed to defend the citizens of his county from subjugation from a government that has overstepped its bounds time and time again. Who else will step in and protect us when nobody else can? Who else will defend the Constitution of the United States and protect America from its own government?


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  1. Anonymous11:17 PM

    Oh, you're right on there! You bet, the US govt props up the sheriff, even when the sheriff doesn't know the law and doesn't care about his people. In fact, most deputies can actually get away with murder with the help of the sheriff and DA of the county.
    It happens all the time where I come from. Abuse, neglect, homocide-- virtually any form of criminal activity can be gotten away with. And now it's a red letter day, because *now* we will have deputies patrolling our schools.
    "Kids need a good role model, because they are not getting one at home."
    Yes, they make their own laws. . . and get away with it.