Thursday, August 16, 2012

Why Oklahoma County Needs Charles Key

Charles Key is running for Oklahoma County Court Clerk. On August 28, Republican voters in Oklahoma County will decide whether he or his opponent, Tim Rhodes, will become their next Court Clerk.

The office of County Court Clerk is important because he or she is one of eight members of a County Budget Board which is in complete control of the spending decisions of the County. They alone decide how and when to spend your tax dollars.

So why should you vote for Charles Key?

Charles Key has a proven conservative track record, having served for several years in the Oklahoma State Legislature. He is an advocate of fiscal responsibility and change in the Court Clerk’s office.

Tim Rhodes is a proponent of the status quo and a long-time staff member for the current Democratic Court Clerk that has promoted further red tape in their own department.

Charles Key is a man of honor and a servant of the people. 

Tim Rhodes is a politician that deceives the people by claiming to be a Republican has only been a Republican for a few short months and switched party affiliation admittedly because he knew he could not win as a Democrat.

Charles Key will oppose further increases in property tax without a vote of the people.

Tim Rhode’s position? No comment.

Charles Key will use his experience in fiscal responsibility to balance the county budget and streamline spending.

Tim Rhodes will use his experience in the Court Clerk office to create more bureaucracy in county government.

Charles Key will oppose the building a new county jail, and support the renovation of the current jail, saving the taxpayers of Oklahoma County millions and millions of dollars.

Tim Rhodes will conduct a study on whether the county needs a new jail or not.

If you want transparency and accountability in county government, vote Charles Key.
If you want a champion of liberty that will fight against the control of special interests, vote Charles Key.
If you want a true conservative that will fight to stop the annual growth of government in Oklahoma County, vote Charles Key.

However, if you are okay with the way things are and your are okay with a person lacks integrity and if you are okay with your property taxes being raised year after year after year, then vote for Tim Rhodes.

On August 28, your vote WILL count!

Vote for Charles Key for Oklahoma County Court Clerk!

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