Monday, September 24, 2012

More Questions About The County Sheriff

Last month I posted the article Serious Questions About the County Sheriff, to get people thinking about who they would cast their vote for in the Oklahoma County Sheriff race.

Here are some more questions, for those of you that are still undecided:

How many deaths have occurred in the jail since Whetsel took office?

How many assaults have occurred inside the jail since Whetsel too office?

How many of Sheriff Whetsel's employees have been arrested?

What is the employee turnover rate at the Sheriff's office?

How much has been paid for lawsuits and damages by Oklahoma County due to claims against the jail and OCSO (Oklahoma County Sheriff's Office) employees?

What has the DOJ say about the management problems at the jail?

How many vehicles does the OCSO have? Where are they kept? Who drives them and who pays for the fuel?

Why does the OCSO have a reserve deputy, who was born in the middle east, arrested in 1994 for grand larceny, currently under federal civil indictment for $15 million in medicade fraud, who has donated over $200,000 in cash and goods to the OCSO, has a $40,000 camaro that is equipped with high tech equipment, including a tag scanning camera system parked at his residence and is on the OCSO tactial team after only being a reserve deputy since the end of 2009.

Why does it take an average of eight hours for anyone arrested to be booked in to the jail?

Why does it take an average of eight hours for anyone to be released after a bond is posted or a release is issued?

These are questions that you really need to consider when you think about whether or not Sheriff John Whetsel deserves another 4 years in the Sheriff's office.

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