Friday, September 07, 2012

Teenage Bottlerocket: Discography of the Moment

Teenage Bottlerocket is a punk band that was formed in 2001 from the ashes of the band Homeless Wonders. It was put together in, of all places, Wyoming. Who would have thought that punk rock could come out of a place like Wyoming. I have been to Wyoming. More than once. I'm not a fan. For those of you that hail from the Equality State, sorry, no disrespect intended. I just didn't like my time there. Anyway, that is where this band is from.

You can get more information about the band on the following sites:

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Also, here are some articles that Dave (aka Lefty) has written about them:

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And here is the discography:

Released in 2002 by One Legged Pup Records
Band lineup:
Ray Carlisle - bass, vocals; Brandon Carlisle - drums; Zach Doe - guitar
Tracks: 4

Another Way
Released in October 2003 by One Legged Pup; Re-released in March 2011 by Red Scare Records
Lineup changes:
Joel Pattinson was added as a 2nd guitar player
Tracks: 11 (The re-released had 17 tracks)

Released in April 2005 by Red Scare Records
Lineup changes:
Kody Templeman replaced Zach Doe on guitar
Tracks: 13

Live in '06
Live album released in 2007 by Clearview Records
Recorded at the Jam Room in South Carolina in July 2006
Tracks: 15

Warning Device
Released in January 2008 by Red Scare
Joel Pattinson left the band while Ray Carlisle switched from bass to 2nd guitar. Bass duties were taken over by Miguel Chen
Tracks: 13

They Came From the Shadows
Released in September 2009 by Fat Wreck Chords
No lineup changes
Tracks: 14

Mutilate Me
Released in April 2011 by Fat Wreck Chords
No lineup changes
Tracks: 3

Ice Age/Walked In Line
Released in April 2012 by Clearview Records
No lineup changes
Tracks: 2

Freak Out
Released in July 2012 by Fat Wreck Chords
No lineup changes
Tracks: 14

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  1. Outstanding band! Plus they are nice guys. I will be picking up Freak Out on CD at Riot Fest for sure! They are also going to be at The Conservatory on Oct. 17th with Masked Intruder!!! Can't wait!!!!!