Monday, September 10, 2012

Top 8 Albums Released in 1982

Here is another top albums list. This one celebrates the 20th anniversary of albums released in 1982.

1.     Album - Generic Flipper - Flipper
Highlights: Life is Cheap. Way of the World. Sex Bomb.

2.     Combat Rock - The Clash
Highlights: Should I Stay or Should I Go. Rock the Casbah.

3.     Milo Goes to College - Descendents
Highlights: Suburban Home. Hope. Catalina.

4.     Nebraska - Bruce Springsteen
Highlights: Nebraska. Atlantic City.

5.     Shabooh Shoobah - INXS
Highlights: Don't Change. The One Thing.

6.     The Sky's Gone Out - Bauhaus
Highlights: Third Uncle. The Three Shadows.

7.     Violent Femmes - Violent Femmes
Highlights: Blister in the Sun. Kiss Off. Gone Daddy Gone.

8.     Walk Among Us - The Misfits
Highlights: I Turned Into a Martian. Skulls. Astro Zombies.

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